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It’s been a frigid day and I’m frozen to the bone. I decided to pour a glass of wine, grab my laptop and retract to the recliner under a warm blanket for a quick update. We finished AI-ing and kicked the cows out to winter pasture. The grass was so deep it touched their stomachs as they wound through their new surroundings. I have been watching for bull activity; luckily, nothing yet! Praying for a nice set of AI calves next fall!

Although, I didn’t meet my deadline of having the upstairs finished by New Year’s Eve; I’m slowly making progress! I swear I have painted 15 million coats of paint. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it truly does feel like I have painted that many since starting this remodel project last Summer. The bedroom floors upstairs are finished and I have been painting the last bedroom. Fingers crossed I’m finished by this time next week. I can’t wait to move furniture and start setting up my work areas! Getting back to work is LOOONNGGG overdue! Take a look at the colorful rooms with old carpet that I transformed into clean, light and original looking spaces. I LOVE the hardwood floors!!!

Old “Red Room”
Old “Red Room” wall
Old “Red Room” chimney


“Red Room” transformed
“Red Room” transformed
Old “Green Room”
New “Green Room”













When I wasn’t upstairs elbow deep in sawdust and paint, I was outside. One brisk, icy morning I caught a few snap shots while making morning rounds on the 4-wheeler. “Broker” turned 8 years old the end of December and I caught him enjoying life out with his girls. Look at him as a new born calf… and at his massive self, now!

“Broker” 8 years ago!!!
“Broker” now! …and look at all that grass; you can’t even imagine how CRAZY deep it is in this pasture! Broker is HUGE and he sure doesn’t look like it standing in all this winter forage!















A few more morning snapshots!


Thankfully, I can now feel my toes, guess I better get up and finish a few things before hitting the hay to start it all over again tomorrow! I loved catching up with you and hope you are staying warm! Before I close, do you happen to have a warm drink recipe that is your favorite when you feel like you’re “Frosty the Snowman”? I’m looking for a new go to! Feel free to share it in the comment section below! Thank you!!

May the year 2022 be propitious for all of us!!!

Until next time, Happy Trails!


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  1. Hi Sandy, Nice update – thank you! It’s nice to see your progress with your house as well as your animals! Great shots! No warm drink recipes here, but I’ll be checking back to see if anyone left one, as it’s pretty chilly here in Southeastern Colorado as well. I’m jealous of all your pasture grass!

  2. Great update. You’ve done an awesome job on those wooden floors! Pam should have mentioned that one of our winter drink favorites is warm apple cider. Not really a recipe as it is purchased in a package, but for an added twist add your favorite flavored schnapps.

    1. Hi Gary! Thank you for your reply with that idea! It sounds delicious and very warming! I’ll have to try that! I appreciate your time in commenting; I hope you continue to “ride” along with me through my blogs.

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