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I am Sandra Arthur and this is my Website!
I am Sandra Arthur and this is my Website!

It seems like ages ago since I began this journey. Even so, I am as excited as ever to turn a new page in my life story.    

Some of you may recognize me from my former side-business known as Sliding Stop Western Shop (SSWS), where I bought and sold unique gifts, vintage treasures, tack and made custom orders.  Like many of you, I had been working for others for a long time; but there was so much I wanted to do to grow my ranch business and to explore my creative side.  To that end, I gradually gathered the resources I needed to help turn those ideas into reality.  

I took a leap of faith, quit my day job, and in 2020 got this website built highlighting the ranch and our registered animals for sale. Then I began rebranding SSWS into Sliding Stop Trading Post (SSTP -my new online store) which had been a dream of mine for a long time.  Because of Covid-19 and all the restrictions to travel, access to brick-and-mortar stores and events, this actually turned out to be a good time to start building my store just as I had built up my ranch over the years.  Since this is my first website ever, it has been a true adventure learning the ins and outs (and ups and downs, lol) of doing business online.  But we’re getting there!  I am thrilled to have survived the pandemic and to have come this far with my site and my Trading Post store! With SlidingStopTradingPost.com, I can now do most of my ranching (TwinStarRanch.net – a subsite of SSTP) and store business online, under one virtual roof from home, and I’m loving it! 

On this site you will find my blog. I am still in the learning stages of blogging and hope to be more consistent this fall and winter as I get the hang of it. I hope to give you a glimpse of happenings on the ranch, exciting times with the family, new products, fun activities for the “cowkids” (after all, youth in agriculture is a strong passion of mine), with a sprinkling of some of my favorite recipes. I encourage you to comment on my blogs with similar (or maybe not so similar) ranch life stories, glimpses into your family, your favorite recipe and thoughts on my products so I know what interests you. I’m so excited to start building this connection with my readers and site visitors.

The summer of 2021 we moved from Flemington, Missouri, to a new ranch outside of Rolla, Missouri to be closer to the family ranch. As many of you know, moving is no easy task especially when it comes to moving all the livestock and equipment, etc. It was a lot of work and too many trips to count, but it feels good to be back home in my old stompin’ grounds! Overall, things are finally starting to settle down here at our new place. I pretty well have my work spaces unpacked, organized and I have been getting in the groove with my new set-up; although I’m far from finished with remodeling! My goal is to be finished with the house by Christmas. If you want to read about my remodeling endeavor thus far; you can find a few stories and pictures in past blog posts.

With the help of my better half, Lynn, we continue to raise and sell Registered SimAngus Cattle, Registered Corgis and Registered Quarter Horses. He is mostly busy with his job as a Field Representative at Callaway Livestock Center, but together we get it all done.

BLOG - TSR Flower Wagon
My "flower planter" at my new ranch near Rolla, Missouri

I have twin daughters, Cheyenne (and her husband, Lucas) and Dakota (and her long-time boyfriend, Toby). They are now adults with their own farms and livestock, but there are oh so many memories of being a single mom, on a farm, raising the girls and running up and down that livestock showing trail. They have continued with their competitive nature; Cheyenne showing draft horses and Dakota, hunting dogs competitively. Lynn has his own adult children and grandchildren, so when we all can get together, we have a GREAT time! We love game nights… which since we moved, we’ve only had one, but we enjoy making lots of appetizers and playing cards or board games into the night. So much FUN!

As you take a gander at my products, you will notice side comments such as made by Twin Star Designs or once in a while, one of my daughters, Dakota or Cheyenne. Twin Star Designs are products created by me. We will also note if the product is vintage or new, as I will have a mix within the site. I have a love for antiques, especially western! I have so many ideas of things I want to create using leather, fabric, machine embroidery and etching. So… please visit the site often to view new and upcoming products. By commenting your thoughts on my blog, you will be helping to direct me toward a niche.

If you have specific questions or are looking for something you don’t see yet, my contact information is available in several places throughout the site.  The easiest way to reach me is still via text or phone, but I have included my business email address, as well, for your convenience.

To follow me on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or SnapChat use the Social Media links throughout the site. If you’re up for a little adventure seeing through our eyes what ranch life is really like with all its trials, tribulations, and wonderous blessings, I’d love for you to join us virtually along the way! You can also see what’s new with Lynn, I and our families through my Front Porch Updates and Blog

As we move forward, just know that I am always extremely grateful for my wonderful family, friends and customers. Please enjoy our site and if you have any questions, just ask!