Front Porch Update
Getting the electric redone in our new (old, lol) ranch house, so I can organize my new craft room

It will be fun to begin creating again!

I'll post pics as I get time in my blog.
Join me in this latest crazy journey as we
rewrite our life story in our new home!
Keep up with our remodel in my Blog!
Frontier Finery News
My Mother, Sue, is sooo excited to have us finally living close to her! We sold our old ranch and bought a new one, so we wouldn't have to drive 3 hours every time we wanted to visit or help out my mom! What an adventure!! All of us are tuckered out, but we're a tired happy! Onward through the fog we go!!
Sue Says Hello! She'll Be Back Online Soon!
leaning on a sign-08

Watch (below) for Our Upcoming 2021 Livestock Sales!

Thank you for your interest in our bull, but he has been  SOLD.  Please sure to BOOKMARK our site for future livestock sales!

Some of our Spring 2020 Calves!

Spring 2021 Foaling Pics Coming Soon!
Watch the Space Below!

NFR 2020 Video Highlights!