Twin Star Misfire

Twin Star Misfire - "Lil Miss"
Twin Star Misfire - "Lil Miss"

This uniquely marked daughter of Twin Star Star, “Star”, and Twin Star Buckshot, “Buckshot”, is appropriately named Twin Star Misfire, we call her “Lil Miss”. A cute little story about how her name came about… When “Lil Miss” was a newborn, Lynn and I were on the road talking about how “Buckshot” had misfired when he was running with “Star”… unlike a typical merle, “Lil Miss” merle is where the white would be on a tri. If you look closely at her markings, she is a tri but with a merle collar and merle on her feet… a complete merle misfire. LOL …and so “Lil Miss” was so appropriately named Twin Star Misfire!

“Lil Miss” is the GREAT, GREAT Granddaughter from our first female Corgi, C Bar D Dally,“Dally”. Talk about having genetics! We are proud to have such a long line of ancestry! We know that this bloodline produces caring, smart, and beautiful dogs.

Sire: Twin Star Buckshot

DOB: January 14th, 2020

CKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Cardigan Cross

21 Pounds

DM: Clear



Dam: Twin Star Star