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We are offering Jubilee Orpington pullets and roosters for sale. Home raised, full blood, and hatched May 2020.

As of October 2020, all chickens have been SOLD.

Please check back soon for more!

Jubilee Orpingtons are a rare color pattern of deep mahogany bodies with flecks of ruby and emerald. They are clean legged and are very fluffy in appearance. Their large bodies make them completely flightless and a short fence is sufficient for these beautiful birds. They are a personable, gentle chicken that are prolific layers of large cream – brown eggs. Due to their calm and friendly disposition, they make great pets. The hens are broody and make great mothers.
The Jubliee breed was developed around 1897 by crossing a Buff Orpington and a Spangled Old English Game Chicken. They were named in honor of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Queen Victoria. The Queen received a flock of these regal birds as part of the celebration.
They are still very rare in the US.
Pullet: $25
Trio (2 pullets and a rooster): $60
Rooster: $20.
(All chickens for sale have been sold as of October 2020. Please check back soon for more!)