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  • Klassen: Feeder cattle market experiences diverse price behaviour December 7, 2022
    Compared to last week, western Canadian yearling markets traded steady to $2 higher while calf prices were unchanged to $4 lower. Yearling supplies are limited and there appeared to be a surge of buying interest for 850-lb. thin-fleshed replacements. Alberta fed cattle basis levels for the second quarter of 2023 have above average and the […]
  • USask prof creates new cattle health podcast December 7, 2022
    A new podcast discusses cattle health issues from a Canadian perspective
  • New Cow-Calf Specialist Ready to Work for Beef Producers December 7, 2022
     Iowa State University’s new extension beef cow-calf specialist is looking forward to getting to know the state’s producers and learning how to best address issues facing them. Randie Culbertson said that starts with understanding the challenges, including her own change in perspective.
  • Consolidation Has Made The Meat Industry Vulnerable To Crises Like COVID-19 December 7, 2022
    Early in the pandemic, commercial meatpacking plants became epicenters of COVID-19 outbreaks. According to a House panel report, over 59,000 meatpackers were infected and at least 269 died, causing some of the plants to close temporarily. The outbreaks upended the supply chain, leading farmers to dump a tremendous amount of meat; a report from the Family Farm […]
  • Rotten Meat Could Be Easier To Detect Thanks To A New Biosensor System Developed At Concordia December 7, 2022
    The supply chain that brings meat to market worldwide is highly complex and usually very efficient. But when disruptions in one part of the world can result in transportation delays an ocean and a continent away, meat spoilage becomes a very real risk to food producers, vendors and consumers. This is
  • Colder Winter Requires More Heating Options for Livestock December 7, 2022
    As much as I dislike saying this, I’d say winter is here to stay for the next two-four months. It is important as livestock producers to keep an eye on the ventilation systems in their buildings during the winter. If you are someone who uses heat lamps during the winter, it is very important to […]
  • Winter feeding sites save time and money December 6, 2022
    More and more cattle producers are looking at extensive winter feeding options. This involves feeding the animals out on the field through swath grazing, bale grazing, processing or using stockpiled forages. Agri-Environmental Specialist Keana Boere says the animals are out on the field and their feed is already located on that field. 
  • WVU Researchers Counting On Cow Cooperation For Improvements In Soil Health And Carbon Sequestration December 6, 2022
    West Virginia University researchers are working to improve soil health and increase economic gains for Appalachian cattle farmers by bringing nutrients, like carbon, to the soil while decreasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • A New Adaptation Tracking Tool Will Help Countries Capture Climate Adaptation Actions In Livestock Systems December 6, 2022
    The climate crisis is not a future phenomenon, it’s happening at everyone’s doorsteps – from extreme temperatures, unprecedented floods to recurring droughts. Although the international climate agenda has been heavily focused on mitigation efforts, climate adaptation is increasingly a priority, especially in the Global South.
  • Groundtruthing Climate-Smart Grasslands December 6, 2022
    In the eastern United States’ Tall Fescue Belt, grasslands cover 50 million acres, including roughly one and a half million acres in North Carolina. These grasslands support almost 40 percent of the U.S. cow-calf operations and represent a significant opportunity to accumulate and store carbon deeper in the soil profile than cropland. But grazed grassland […]
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