Fall is in the air!

It’s a rainy day, a much needed rainy day, at that… and a great time to catch ya’ll up on what’s been going on at the ranch. We have been so dry here this summer that we had to move cattle around because of lack of water. We have plenty of grass and hay ready for winter, but the lack of water has been concerning… so I have welcomed this dreary, rainy day with open arms!

“Dot” had a pretty litter of puppies! She has been a wonderful mother and we are so pleased with the color she has thrown. One of her male puppies is still available if you are looking for a merle male. “Washington” also had a litter of puppies and I have a tri male (triple clear) available from her litter. Speaking about what is new with the Corgi family; I am excited about the heated and cooled building I have on order due to arrive end of the month. I don’t let the males in the house… you know, boys will be boys.. LOL, but I do want them to enjoy the comforts of home like my girls do, so they are getting an air conditioned and heated home… I’m so excited! Can’t wait to post pictures of our building complete with a washer and dryer specifically for puppy blankets and dog beds and a bathroom for us!

Since I last wrote, we had a freeze branding day. After many calls to ice companies and grocery stores, I finally found the dry ice needed and bought the O’Reilly out of their ISO Heet. For those of you not familiar with freeze branding, you use a very cold brand. Mix dry ice and isopropyl alcohol (ISO HEET is what we used) together in a cooler and wah-la, you have the makings for a very cold science project. LOL. So far the brands are peeling nicely… I’ll include a picture of the finished product once the white hair appears!

This is the brand with our dry ice & ISO Heet mixture in a cooler.
This is the brand cooling in the mixture... a nice frosty handle is what you are striving to achieve to show it is ready!
Here it is a few minutes after applying the brand.

With all the happenings on the ranch, I haven’t had much time to devote to remodeling the house. I did take a few days to complete a custom order of over 20 dog trial blankets (it was great to be sitting at the sewing machine!!!). So… no new remodel updates… but…. I did grab a few pictures while out on the ranch!

A couple of mares and their babies!
Home raised bred heifer.... Just gotta love this girl!
Had this girl in the chute to pour her against flies and ticks.... she had this foxtail grass in her mouth the WHOLE TIME! LOL
A few calves.... Punchy (my home raised red roan 2 year-old filly) in the background... she is Such a GOOD Girl!!! Love my Punchy girl!!! And.... take a look at this old barn!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Well friends, I have a bunch of sweet peppers, tomatoes and yellow squash I need to get worked up so I will let you go. I hope you have enjoyed the visit as much as I have! It was great taking a few minutes to chat!



Until next time,



Happy Trails!

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